European Integration, WWS Junior Research Seminar (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

Owned by China? Responding to Chinese Direct Investment in the United States (WWS 401 J02)

Junior Policy Task Force Presents Research in Washington, D.C.

See more at: http://wws.princeton.edu/news-and-events/news/item/junior-policy-task-force-presents-research-washington-dc#sthash.7K3LxHn0.dpuf

Economic Patriotism: The Politics of Dealing with Chinese Takeovers (WWS 401c, Princeton University)

The Politics of Anti-Americanism (POL 981-I10, Princeton University)

Dealing with Anti-Americanism in the Obama Era (WWS 401ij, Princeton University)

  • Article about the task force by Jesse Jacobs on the Woodrow Wilson School website January 2011
  • "Dealing with Anti-Americanism in the Obama Era", Class Report, December 2010

The Politics of Anti-Americanism (POL 981-I9, Princeton University)

Dealing with Anti-Americanism (WWS 401i, Princeton University)

European Union (WWS 705, Princeton University)
Sour Fries: The Franco-American Relationship (FRS 163, FRS 172, Princeton University)
Transatlantic Trade Wars: Bananas, Biotech, and the Future of Free Trade (WWS 401j, Princeton University)
The European Union: Politics and Policies (WWS 460, Princeton University)
The European Union: Business and Politics (Bus. 734, The University of Chicago)
Le français économique et commercial (Harvard University)



  • Rozalie Czesana
  • Jenny Mu


  • Lizzie Bird
  • Richard Chang
  • Hannah Kraus


  • Ryan Azaraffiy
  • Uluwotomi Johnson
  • Andrew Mullen


  • William Beacom
  • Jessica Ma
  • Vivian Wang
  • Carolyn Yang


  • Lauren Coleman
  • Ryan Karnes


  • Kimberly Hopewell
  • Michael Jiang
  • Thomas Tasche


  • Stephen Ham, Red Dragon, Westward Ho! Impact and Implications of Chinese Investment in Europe on European Attitudes towards China
  • Jesse Mudrick, The Eagle and the Dragon in Africa: The Impact of Chinese Investment on Sub-Saharan Views towards the United States
  • Colin Quinn, The Dragon Extinguished? Lessons from Failed Chinese Investments in the United States


  • Cantey Sutton Brown, Colossus of the North: Understanding Sources of Anti- and Pro-American Sentiment in Latin America
  • Ledina Gocaj, Bailing Out Europe: Design and Evolution of the European Financial Stability Facility
  • Anna Lutz
  • Jackie Moss
  • Emily Reynolds, The Role of Anti-Americanism in European Integration


  • Lingzi Gui, Unveiling the Dragon's Fears: A Multidimensional Analysis of Anti-China Sentiments and the Prospects for Chinese Public Diplomacy


  • Carol Shih, China's "Lie-ability": Food Fraud and its Impact on China as an International Trader


  • Sandra Katz